TOTEX Extra Strong Aerosol Spray 400 ml
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TOTEX Extra Strong Aerosol Spray 400 ml

Rs1,850.00 Rs2,499.00 -25% Off

About this item

  • Best Hair Spray for Wavy Hair in Pakistan which is enriched with pure ingredients, that is detangling, very caring, intensely moisturizing and has an antistatic effect thanks to its novel formula.
  • Adds long-lasting structural support to the hairstyle by enveloping the hair with a protective moisture barrier.
  • Not only does it leave strands light and breezy for the perfect look and feel, with this hair spray you can top-up when you’re feeling a little flat.
  • Its Style Saver formula contains more than double holding ingredients than conventional sprays.
  • Guaranteed original product packed and sealed by Totex Cosmetic. Saraakuch provides a full guarantee of product authenticity. You can contact us for detailed information about the product.

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