TOTEX Hair Argan Serum 125 ml
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TOTEX Hair Argan Serum 125 ml

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About this item

  • TOTEX Hair Argan Serum 125 ml - Natural Ingredients-Hair serum for Thicker and stronger Hair.
  • Best Hair Serum in Pakistan which is enriched with pure herbal ingredients, that nourish the hair roots and the scalp and provides deep cleansing.
  • A multi-tasking oil, rich in essential, fatty acid and antioxidants vitamins. Native to Morocco, Argan Oil is often called "liquid gold" 100% Pure Argan Oil absorbs quickly to soften and smooth dry skin and hair.
  • Serum for dull, frizzy, or dry hair - absorbs weightlessly while it nourishes to strengthen against damage, add shine, smooth ends and unruly grey.
  • We've formulated products to work with your changing hair needs and replenish the nutrients your hair loses as you age.
  • Guaranteed original product packed and sealed by Totex Cosmetic. Saraakuch provides a full guarantee of product authenticity. You can contact us for detailed information about the product.

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